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Not only do AB Inflatables make the best dingys on the market, the customer service is unparalleled in the marine industry.  A few years ago AB moved their production line from Venezuela to Colombia.  I happened to purchase the 2nd dingy off the new line.  Unfortunately it developed a few issues in my first year of cruising.  I logged those with AB and they consistently sent me the parts needed to keep the dingy going.  Amazingly, when I reached Panama and one of their authorized dealers, they didn’t repair the dingy, they replaced it outright with a band new unit.

8,000 Pacific miles and a year later it is as solid today as the day I unwrapped it from its shipping crate.  Quality products and excellent customer care make the foundation AB is built upon.


  I researched production anchors, anchor design, and anchor manufacturers extensivly before I decided what anchor I wanted to replace my primary with, a 60 lb Manson Supreme.  After a quick talk with Ned explaining what I was doing with Sailing For SOS he helped me arrange to have one shipped direct from New Zealand to Colombia at the manufactureres cost.  My old 60 lb CQR served me well, but I think the Manson Supreme is the best anchor available for the dollar.

Satellite Communication for Cruising, Sailing, and Circumnavigation Roadpost has generously sponsored Sailing For SOS with with the precious satellite communicaiton minutes I need to stay in touch and keep this website up to date.  Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing help is only a phone call away.

Roadpost's comprehensive portfolio of satellite voice and data solutions have been widely adopted by tens of thousands travelling and working beyond the limits of terrestrial wired or wireless networks.

They are dedicated to there customers, and offer round the clock support and value driven rate plans backed by innovative engineering. So you can purchase or rent high quality, reliable products and services designed with maximum flexibility.

I first met Emily Nash when she was doing corporate photo shoots in Albuquerque, NM. The University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Business hired Emily for all of their shoots, including my EMBA Graduation.

The first thing I noticed about this lady was how much fun she was having with what she was doing. The second thing was that she was not taking your typically boring graduation/business shots. Emily built a business combining an amazingly creative eye, a natural talent for working with people, and an incredibly sharp business mind into custom photo shoots that yield unapologetically bold and unique images.

Showing no fear, Emily agreed to come to Kemah from Austin, where she now resides, and join me for a three day cruise. The resulting images went way past my highest of expectations. I think she really captured the feel of what Sailing for SOS is trying to accomplish. Em, I am forever indebted.

If you have photographic work to do and want to work with the best in the business, contact Emily Nash Photography. - We can create a custom data driven website to fit your needs and budget.  Contact us with your requirements.

SummerWorks is a full service web and software development company. They have been producing quality software since the early 80’s and creating websites and web applications for over 10 years. With an emphasis on data enabled web applications, they can extend your desktop applications onto the web and enable employees to be more productive wherever they need to work.  Located in the Houston area, they can provide both local and remote development for your project needs.

Contact SummerWorks today and find out how they can fulfill your business requirements.

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