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This is what I call a maintenance blog.

Feb 5

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2/5/2013 3:33 AM  RssIcon

Some blogs come about because a series of words catch in my mind and I want to work on them like a metal smith with a hammer.  Others come about because I have simply been so in the moment that I refuse to take time to plug in, sit down, connect to the world via the web, and publish a blog.  Sometimes you have to put the laptop or camera down and just view the world through your own eyes.  When the world is so rich with life and color why cloud that vision with a lens or a digital screen?

So, this is a guilt blog.  Not really guilt, but I do feel the need to offer something up as a placeholder to show that I am alive.  A longer, bigger, photo rich blog will be undertaken shortly so bare with me.  For now, know that I am back on Jargo after traveling inland in South Africa.  Between camping, rock climbing, fly fishing, elephants, giraffes, warthogs, lions, rhino, hippos, and great whites I can say I have seen something of this amazing country.  Sadly, for now it is time to get back to work.  I plan to put to sea in less than one week.  That gives me precious few days to pull Jargo back together into passage crossing condition.  Staying true to this blog title here is the to do list to date.  This has been culled down to only the must do items before I sail.

  • Replace busted tri-color lens at mast head
  • Repair broken forestay toggle at mast head
  • Hire wet suit and clean water line and replace zincs
  • Replace missing propeller shaft locking bolt
  • Trim jib sheet at clew
  • repair intake line on manual bilge pump
  • Change and resize the belts for the alternator and fridge compressor
  • Examine fridge compressor mount for cracks/weld
  • Oil change
  • Top up batter water
  • fill water tanks & survival water
  • rebuild galley foot pump or repair the leak in the pump
  • buy high temp silicon for break in exhaust
  • test HAM coms for blogging and twitter at sea

That is the short list anyway.  Unfortunately when it blows 30 – 40 knots every day some of these projects are a little hard to get done.  Oh well, that is part of the game.  Stand by for a South Africa photo blog and the crossing of my third and final ocean, The Atlantic.

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Re: This is what I call a maintenance blog.

Lee go,go,go! Do it and go! Every time when you lost power in this checking remember on oposite side Atlantic is waiting for you lazy Brasil, and Carribien. Per is waiting on oposite side this Atlantic, maybe for you? Mayby you know how kick him out from this paradise.
Take care mate

By Polski on   2/5/2013 4:06 PM

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