SOS Children's Village Hampolol

Circumnavigation, Sailing, Cruising, Mexico, SOS Children's Villages, Sailing For SOSThere is a word that is utterly taboo within the SOS Children’s Village (SOS CV) organization.  I am guilty of using it many times over.  In planning my relationship with SOS CV, I’ve spent considerable time learning about their operations.  Unfortunately, even with my research, when explaining their mission to others I kept letting the taboo descriptor slide back into my speech.  Finally, after making my way to the  village at Hampolol, I get it.  Let’s make this clear.  These kids are not orphans.

Although I didn’t find an orphanage in Hampolol, I did find  a collection of happy families comprised of:  nine mothers, five aunts, a director, and 90 smiling, laughing children aged from two to fifteen years old.

This village of approximately 100 is a place of celebration and joy.  Smiles come easy and the happiness permeates anyone who dares to visit.  The joy comes from the knowledge that these are the lucky children.  These kids have real homes and loving families.  They don’t live in fear of waiting to be “adopted” or have to consistently charm new prospective parents.  They are simply free to learn, laugh, play and grow-up as regular Children should.

Circumnavigation, Sailing, Cruising, SOS Children's Villages, Sailing For SOSMy day with these children taught me many things. (Story)(Photos)  First, the only thing these kids ask for is love.  Luckily for me, hugs are easy to provide and the return on investment is immediate.  Secondly, the village runs more lean than any corporation in the world and their products are the most well behaved children I’ve ever encountered.  Finally, it is wholly within our power—yours and mine— to enable more children to grow up in safe, loving homes like the one I saw in Hampolol.

Now, having quit my job, sold everything, survived Hurricane IKE, sailed across the Gulf of Mexico, and trekked across the Yucatan, I am asking for your help.  There are many ways you can assist this project, some by donation, others by simply spreading the word about Sailing For SOS and SOS Children’s Villages.  Here are a few specifics.

Option 1:  Please take a moment to email your friends and family about this voyage.  The single most important thing I can accomplish is to raise awareness for SOS Children’s Villages.  I know things are tight everywhere financially, but this only costs a little time.  

Circumnavigation, Sailing, Cruising, SOS Children's Villages, Sailing for SOSOption 2:  The greatest way to benefit SOS Children’s Villages is to sponsor a child.  This is a monthly donation of $30 U.S. Dollars that covers the cost of caring for a child in one of their villages.  You can specify in what country you’d like to make your donation as well as making contact with the particular child you sponsor.  My goal is to find 10 people who will each sponsor one child.  Click Here

Option 3:  Donate any amount that you can afford to give.  It doesn’t matter if it is 50 cents, the donation matters.  Use the form to enter a preset amount or enter your own amount.  Click Here

Option 4:  You can donate directly to Sailing For SOS to keep this project sailing.  However, I will not accept any financial donations unless you have donated to SOS Children’s Villages first through one of the means above.  Additionally, unlike the two options above, this is not a tax deductable donation.  Click Here