Georgia was a street dog back in the early summer of 1999 when I first found her staring at me through the glass door of a Whataburger in Fort Worth, TX at 2:00 a.m. She was gaunt, losing her hair, but her personality and tags led my friends and I to believe she must be someone’s lost pet. After going for a swim with the dog to cool off from the sticky heat it was decided I’d hang onto the dog through the night and try and reach the owners in the morning.

Using the number on the tags I began calling the owners expecting to find an ecstatic owner on the other end of the line. Instead it took three days to get a return phone call and arrange for the return. I met them on the campus of Texas Christian University near Frog Fountain. The dog bolted past her owner to go run in the grassy field and the young lady in front of me didn’t bother to call her name. I had the distinct feeling that the dog would be on her own again as soon as I was out of sight. And I told her so.

So there I was, on the TCU campus, and the previous owner is getting my address to send me the AKC paperwork on the dog I’d never intended to have. A visit to the dogs vet filled in a lot of blanks. The previous owners already had another Husky male they wanted to breed. When a friend came along with a female Husky pup they took her with every intention of breeding the dog. In her first heat at nine months old Georgia had a healthy litter of six which were promptly sold for ~ $3,000. Money to be used to fund a move to New York where a second dog just wasn’t necessary. When Georgia made her exit from their yard there was no search to retrieve her.

From that point until now the dog has been my companion through time in Texas, Washington, Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, and back to Texas again before moving onto a boat and cruising down to Cartagena, Colombia where she is still with me today.